I love doing bookmarks to share for special occasions and specially at Christmas time.  I’ve had a card made to use to present the bookmarks – Every year I try new designs and challenge myself.

A few years ago I organized a bookmark exchange through the internet Weavers group.  

This year, I’ve been sample a whole punch of designs of different bookmarks hoping to find one that captures my creativity and enthusiasm.  So far, same old, same old – still experimenting with different designs and thread etc.

Baby Blankets

I love weaving baby blankets. It is always a thrill to welcome a new baby into our community.

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Scarfs are one of my favorite items to weave. I weave them for friends and family to celebrate special occasions like for our trip to France.

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This picture doesn't do justice to this lovely shawl which was given as a surprise to a bride. Few times does a weaving turn out more beautiful than expected.

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Weaving linen is challenging. It takes time, patience and more patience. These linens become heirlooms.

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