Napkins and dishtowels

There is a fun dishtowel exchange that I’m participating in.  You send in six dishtowels and receive the same number of other dishtowels back.  Fun way to see other’s creativity and get inspiration.

These are all made with 100% cotton. They shrink a bit with the initial wash but are good to go there after.

Baby Blankets

I love weaving baby blankets. It is always a thrill to welcome a new baby into our community.

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Scarfs are one of my favorite items to weave. I weave them for friends and family to celebrate special occasions like for our trip to France.

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This picture doesn't do justice to this lovely shawl which was given as a surprise to a bride. Few times does a weaving turn out more beautiful than expected.

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Weaving linen is challenging. It takes time, patience and more patience. These linens become heirlooms.

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