Family in Central Park

This is my favorite page – where I can share my photos of family and friends!  My children are now all grown and living their lives across the country.  We try to visit them as often as feasible.

Every Thanksgiving we try to get together with as many of them as we can.  One is on the West Coast

and the others on the East Coast – then hopefully for Christmas they can come home.


Baby Blankets

I love weaving baby blankets. It is always a thrill to welcome a new baby into our community.

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Scarfs are one of my favorite items to weave. I weave them for friends and family to celebrate special occasions like for our trip to France.

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This picture doesn't do justice to this lovely shawl which was given as a surprise to a bride. Few times does a weaving turn out more beautiful than expected.

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Weaving linen is challenging. It takes time, patience and more patience. These linens become heirlooms.

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