Oct – 2015 -


This has been a very creative year for me.  Starting from bringing to life a children’s picture book (Jake’s Kindergarten Checkup) to weaving more for pleasure.  I’ve done lots of fun stuff that I can’t wait to give away to family and friends during this Holiday Season.   Also had the opportunity to weave a table runner for my now daughter-in-law which we used on the wedding table.  The runner was gifted to her mother and a replica was kept in our home to honor the newlyweds.  Very special -

Here are some photos to share:

Baby Blankets

I love weaving baby blankets. It is always a thrill to welcome a new baby into our community.

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Scarfs are one of my favorite items to weave. I weave them for friends and family to celebrate special occasions like for our trip to France.

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This picture doesn't do justice to this lovely shawl which was given as a surprise to a bride. Few times does a weaving turn out more beautiful than expected.

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Weaving linen is challenging. It takes time, patience and more patience. These linens become heirlooms.

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