Altar Linen

This was a huge project – it take months to create the design and transfer it to the loom’s program.  I tried to take the design on the title on the floor that borders the altar and
bring it up to the cloth and border a central piece.  
The linen takes time since there are many steps including a sample piece to make sure the threads are in order.  The threading of the loom, the weaving, the wet finishing and the sewing together the final piece.
The yarn, Tencel, is an eco friendly yarn make of wood pulp.  It is biodegradable and
man made.
The design for the borders were taken from the floor title that borders the altar. 

This is the floor tile that borders the altar.

The diamond design was recreated on the computer to serve as a border to the center piece of cloth. 

Warping the loom take time

Finally the loom is ready!

Each thread is placed according to the pattern

The front of the loom – Let the weaving begin!

 The next step is to sample, sample, sample until finally there is the right design, set and width on the computer and on the loom.

The draft for the computerized
Program – Weavemaker

The border on the loom


Once the cloth is done it needs to be finished (shrunk – or wet finished) before assembling into the final cloth.


When the cloth is off the loom, there is still much to do.  It needs to be wet-finished for bring together the treads.

off the loom

Thanks to the Beasle Dry Cleaners for an amazing job of caring for the cloth.



A very special THANK YOU to Cynthia Doung from Anna’s Tailors in Carmel Valley

for the care and beautiful hand sewing of the finished piece.

Cynthia Duong did the final hand sewing of the piece.



The old linen was refreshed and ready to use – the new linen is also ready!


The first linen -


New linen – a bit more elegant for special occasions



The final piece – for St. Therese of Carmel 

May it be enjoyed by all.

The final piece – St. Therese of Carmel – Mary Ann Lee and Paula.

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